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  • Tennessee Honey™ has the distinctive character of Jack Daniel’s tennessee whiskey & liqueur with subtle notes of honey for a smooth rewarding taste
  • What is it?
  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is a delicious, complex jack. It delivers the bold character of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, with the taste of rich honey and a nutty finish. Described by our master distiller, Jeff Arnett, as being “Like a slice of pecan pie in a glass of Jack glass of Jack.
  • Unique attributes of the liquid
  • To make Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey we pair our Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey with our proprietary delicious and unique honey liqueur
  • How it is made/ where it has been made
  • We start with our Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, charcoal mellowed for smoothness and matured in our signature, hand- raised new American oak barrels.
  • Then we marry our whiskey with a rich liqueur of honey, molasses, maple and chestnut flavors. It took years to perfect, but the result is a delicious, complex
  • Jack. Every drop of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey comes from a single source, the Jack Daniel Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee.