Havana Club Añejo 7 Años Rum 70cl



7 Years






Havana Club International S.A.,

Uk Unit



700 ml


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Havana Club Añejo 7 Años was the first Cuban extra aged rum that showed the world that rum could be drunk neat as well as enjoyed in cocktails.

It has an intense and complex aroma, with a palate of honey, vanilla, chocolate, cocoa, sweet tobacco, dry fruits and spicy notes. The finish is powerful and full-bodied.

The Rum Masters Award 2014 – Gold medal, Category: Dark (over 7 years old)

All Havana Club rums are made and aged in Cuba, by our maestros roneros, following the Cuban light rum making tradition. The name “Havana Club” captures Cuba’s rum-making heritage and the unique atmosphere of Havana, the country’s capital. Havana Club is closely entwined with Cuban culture, and Cubans take pride in what has become a true national icon.

28 UK units per bottle

UK guidelines recommend men do not regularly exceed 3-4 units daily and women, 2-3 units daily

Enjoy Havana Club responsibly

Award-winning premium aged Cuban rum